"we have a warm heart for cold noses"

BEGINNING WEDNESDAY, June 27th, 6-7PM       
8 WEEKS ~ $135  call 440-354-3036  Get ready for  Summer!

ADVANCED OBED.  Thursdays 6-7pm  $8  "Come & be heeled!"
CONFORMATION CLASSES Wednesdays 7-8pm  Just $8


​Gweni spends many weekends with me at "Doggie Events" helping out at my Paisley Pup Art booth featuring my canine artwork offered in a variety of designs. She's also looking to continue playing showdog this December!
Miss Hattie is a true social butterfly! Whether strutting her stuff as a champion show dog, getting down and dirty at Barn Hunts, flying full out at Lure coursing, or sitting quietly while reading with youngsters at the local library...this fun Glen of Imaal Terrier just loves life! She is also currently working on achieving her Agility, Rally, and Obedience titles and loving every minute!
Our senior Happy Tailer Max loves his annual vacation at Cape Haterus, chillin' in his backyard pool or just relaxing and enjoying the good life!
​"Sisters" Hannah and Honey love doing everything together!  From marching in parades to cuddling up with young readers at the local library, these girls are proud to be goodwill ambassadors as certified Therapy Dogs and educating high school students on their duties!